2019 Stop The Bleed/Save A Life For Allen Park:

Kit Assembly by Allen Park High School National Honor Society & PKSA Karate, Allen Park and APCCF:

Kits Assembly

Presentation of completed kits to:
     **  Allen Park Public Schools (210 Kits):
                l-r:  Kurt Mazag & Joyce Bertasio (APCCF), Amy West (Educator), Jack O'Riley (National
                   Honor Society)
       **  St. Francis Cabrini Schools (Elementary 15 & High School 28 Kits):
            l-r:  Joyce Bertasio (APCCF) & Lisa Pacholski (Elementary School Principal accepting for
                    High School, also)
        **  Rogers Early Elementary School, Northern Allen Park (21 Kits):
            l-r:  Joyce Bertasio (APCCF) & Lisa Tafelski (Principal)

Presentation of Kits