APCCF is an independent non-governmental organization.

The Boccabella Memorial Park Playscape Build and Swing Painting occurred on June 30 and July 1, 2016

Builders included:

     Citizen Volunteers
     APCCF Volunteers
     Lowe's Volunteers
     Parks and Recreation Employees
     Playscape Vendor

A bunch, but not all, of us:

Refreshments and Lunch provided by:
     Great Lakes ACE
     Liberati's Italian Deli & Bakery

On June 30 we started with chipped and rusting swings and a hole in the ground

Prepping the site

Prepping the playscape

Build, Build, Build

Adding the concrete to anchor the structure

Leveling and preparing the ground for the Parks and Recreation 
personnel to add and level 12 inches of mulch

The next day the mulch was delivered and spread by the Parks
and Recreation personnel

The result is a repainted swing (new seats coming) done by the 
Parks and Recreation personnel and
a finished, kid ready, playscape